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“How to Persevere and Achieve the Dream of Publishing Your Book”

Recently I wrote a blog post about the tough nature you’ll need to get to the finish line of publishing your book. Specifically I told the story of the true commitment that author John Lewis brought to the table in his years-long journey to writing and publishing his dream book, Radio Master: The Life and Times of Sports Broadcasting Great Ted Husing. The book’s back cover features glowing endorsements from broadcasting celebrities Larry King, Jim Nantz, Bob Costas, Keith Olbermann and Dick Enberg. The final product is so impressive that many contacted me and asked “How did he do it?”

We will share his secrets with you!

Please listen to this very special teleseminar in which John Lewis shares his insight into the publishing process and the five top tips that helped him overcome considerable obstacles! He’ll be the first to tell you that the publishing process doesn’t always go  smoothly. But here’s what to do when the going get’s rough!

In this 60 Minute call you will discover:

  • How to figure out what will make your book successful
  • The three pieces you must not do without on your journey
  • The power of making good decisions–and how to make them!
  • How to know when to move to on to your Plan B.

If you’re struggling with your book and need some inspiration to move on and get it all done, please listen to this uplifting call. Just register below to download the recording.




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