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Here is Exactly the Chance You’ve Been Looking for to Get the One-on-One Help You Need to Write the Book You’ve Been Wanting to Finish Forever

This exclusive private coaching program is now open for enrollment, but just a handful of aspiring authors can be accepted. Start your writing year off right and apply now!

From the Desk of:

Sophfronia Scott, Executive Editor

Dear Aspiring Author:

I ask you to picture this: you managed to get your book started. Maybe you joined a workshop, maybe you were even one of my Inner Circle Workshop students, and you got your book well underway. You’ve written a quarter, maybe half or even all of your book–a first draft! Great! You thought it would only get easier from here but instead the whole process has gotten harder. It happens. The work of a book can slow down once you really get into the depths of it.

Now what do you do?

You’re sort of in a bind. You don’t want to join a workshop again because you’re not really in that remedial phase of book writing anymore. And the fact of the matter is, you don’t really want to be in a group and have to listen about other people’s books and their problems. You want to work on YOUR book only. That’s okay. But how do you get the help you need? What you really want is…

  • To have a regular conversation with a live person who will keep you on track.
  • Have someone to read your work and make suggestions/edits as you need it.
  • To get your questions answered whenever something comes up in the process or when you’re stuck.

What you need is a coach!

I have fielded so many inquiries over the past few weeks from writers looking for this kind of help that I decided to open up a service I have not offered for a very long time…

Private One-on-One Book Coaching with Sophfronia

The Easiest Way to Get All the Expert Support You Need Every Month to Help You Finish Your Book!

I have set aside time on my schedule for a handful of writers whom I will work with privately to bring their books to completion. I designed this program to give you valuable input plus the motivation to get work done from week to week .

And since this is a private program, your book can be a novel or non-fiction. I can work with either one in this service.

How The Coaching Program Will Work…

When you become a private client you will receive:

  • THREE 45-minute phone calls with Sophfronia each month.
  • Unlimited emails you can use to get your questions answered as they come up.
  • Manuscript review. Sophfronia will read and comment on your work as needed.
  • Editing Assistance. Sophfronia can make or suggest changes in the text as requested.
  • Strategy Consultations. Sophfronia can help you decide how to publish your book and devise a strategy for its success.

PLUS…You Can Take Advantage of These Bonuses!

Bonus #1: You have exclusive access to our private Authors Prep for Success Website where you can find the complete catalog of materials from past teleseminars and workshops. It’s a wealth of material that will help you fill in any missing pieces in your knowledge of the book publishing process.

Bonus #2: Your own copy of a successful book proposal. This is an actual copy of a proposal that earned a 6-figure advance with a major publishing house. It helps to learn from good models!

Bonus #3: MP3 recordings of each of your telephone sessions with Sophfronia so you can listen to them again and again–a great addition for your success library.

About Your Coach: Sophfronia Scott

Sophfronia Scott has twenty years of experience as a professional writer. She honed her craft working with some of the best (and toughest) editors in the world during her career at Time and People magazines.

When she published her first novel, All I Need to Get By, with St. Martin’s Press in 2004, one prominent reviewer referred to Sophfronia as potentially “one of the best writers of her generation.”

Sophfronia holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard. In her current position as executive editor of The Done For You Writing & Publishing Company, Sophfronia enjoys helping entrepreneurs and speakers to write and publish books to promote their businesses. Her latest book is Doing Business By the Book: How to Craft a Powerful Crowd-Pleasing Book and Use It To Generate More Business Than You Ever Thought Possible.

This is Exactly the Program I’m Looking For! What’s My Investment and How Do I Sign Up?

As mentioned earlier, enrollment in this program is limited and writers must complete an application for a spot. You can download a copy of the application by clicking on the link below.

You can get all the information, support and guidance you need to complete your book for just $500 a month.

DISCOUNT NOTE: Are you a graduate of one of my Inner Circle Workshops? If so, you are entitled to a $100 discount and can get into this private coaching program for just $400 a month.

NOTE: You must commit to a minimum of three months of coaching.

****Just so you know, I usually charge $300 an hour for a simple book consultation. So you can see right away what a great value this is!

Of Course You Could Keep Slogging Away on Your Own BUT…

  • You won’t discover the secrets that can make all the difference.
  • You won’t have a professional editor ready to review your work.
  • And, let’s be honest here–you won’t GET IT DONE.

Why take the chance? Give yourself every opportunity to succeed by investing in yourself and the best resources available!

Enroll Now!


Print it out, complete it, and EMAIL YOUR RESPONSES to me at No payment is required at this stage. If you qualify, we’ll contact you within five business days to set up a personal interview.

If link doesn’t work, just cut and paste the following link in your browser:

Don’t wait or you may miss out.

Please email me at if you have any questions.


I look forward to the possiblity of working with YOU, one on one!

Best Wishes For Your Publishing Success,

Sophfronia Scott

Executive Editor

P.S.: If you’ve never worked with an editor or book coach before, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll be surprised how much easier–and enjoyable–the writing process becomes when you’re not going it alone!

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