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Creativity Playdate: City Island, New York City

December 18, 2014 | Creativity Playdates | Permalink

This week: an unexpected creativity playdate. I drove a friend and her family to JFK International Airport and as we passed through the Bronx, I pointed out the signs to City Island, a tiny island neighborhood, 1.5 miles long, jutting out into the westernmost point of Long Island Sound. I said, “Have you ever been there? […]

My Next Creativity Playdate

April 17, 2014 | Creativity Playdates, Loving Life, Writing | Permalink

I’ve had a house on my mind. I’m writing something requiring me to conjure the environment of a grand home, a mansion. I feel the need to walk through the expansive rooms of such a place and to roam the blooming, well-tended gardens of a glorious property. When I expressed this thought to my husband he […]

The Importance of Creativity Playdates

April 2, 2014 | Creativity Playdates, Loving Life, Writing | Permalink

If you’re a writer and a parent (I am) you probably schedule or once scheduled many playdates for your children. When was the last time you booked one for yourself? I’m not talking about hanging out with your friends, (although you could include them in this adventure) I’m talking about a creativity playdate. This is […]

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