Sunday, May 28, 2017

Attention Aspiring Authors:

Are You Finally Ready to Publish the Book of Your Dreams, But Still Aren’t Exactly Sure HOW to Do It?

If the answer is “YES”, then congratulations, because I’m going to show you right now, and provide you with all the resources and insider information you could possibly want.

The Book Sistah is here to provide all writers, regardless of experience, with the tools, resources and coaching you need to empower you to write and publish a book on your own terms and to your satisfaction.

If you’re ready to get published and asking around for information, advice, and ideas, you’ve probably learned a dirty little secret about the book industry…

The book business is very much an exclusive—and often “closed”—club. It’s hard to get good information because so few people have actually been published successfully. (And those who have done well are reluctant to share their tips for success.)

This makes the entire process of getting published often DIFFICULT and FRUSTRATING for authors.

It certainly was for me.

Getting my first book published was a long, hard road. I endured over 40 publisher rejections and even had to rewrite my entire book twice during this two-year process.

I did it all the HARD way, making TONS of costly mistakes, hitting many landmines during my journey, and… many days… wanting to hit my head against a wall! (Believe me, there were some days I was ready to give up.)

But in the end, I beat the odds. I sold my novel to a major publishing house for a handsome advance.

And I can tell you there is NO better feeling you’ll ever get than holding your published book in your hands, seeing it on bookstore shelves, and having it receive RAVE reviews.

Now, I don’t want to keep all these secrets I learned to myself. I want to SHARE exactly how I did it, and how YOU can do the same!

And that’s what you’ll learn in this FREE SPECIAL REPORT…

“The 5 Big Mistakes Most Writers Make When Trying to Get Published…And How YOU Can Completely Avoid Them!”

Whether you want to go with a traditional publisher or self-publish, you’ll find the information I’m sharing in this report invaluable!

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • The biggest LANDMINE you need to watch out for in the publishing process.
  • What essential step you CANNOT skip (even though you’ll want to) to make your book the best it can be.
  • The absolute WORST thing you can do after getting a book contract. (Unfortunately, it’s also the easiest!)
  • What you ABOSLUTELY need to understand about marketing your book – whether you self-publish or not.
  • The 3 questions you MUST answer in order to make your book a success.

This report is not only a fast and easy read, but it’s jam-packed with specific actions that you can take right now to make a difference in how your book comes together.

So, are you ready?

(Great, I knew you were!)

Type in your first name and primary email in the box in the top right column and I’ll give you my special report RIGHT NOW…

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I’m so excited to help YOU get published with ease and confidence!


Sophfronia Scott
”The Book Sistah”

Executive Editor, The Done For You Writing & Publishing Company

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